Mixed Dorms


Female Dorms






6-Bed Rooms





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Shared Spaces


Meet old and new friends in our bar and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee, our famous cocktails or a cold draft beer in a relaxed atmosphere. Oh, and don't leave without trying our breakfast and joining our happy hour - you'll be so glad you did!


Shared Kitchen

Store and prepare your own food in our spacious fully-equipped shared kitchen and then enjoy your meal on the big terrace  - handily, right in front of the kitchen!


Big Terrace

Right in front of our shared kitchen we have our big terrace. A chilled space outside to enjoy your own food and drinks, or just sit and get to know new friends.  


Shared Computer

Didn't bring your own? No problem, get online with ours!


Board Games

Explore the books in our library and find a cozy corner to unwind.

Do we have a game, or two, or three for you! Play them out with old and new friends in our lounge or on our big terrace.


It's never been easier to STAY fit! Our very own Gym is right here, right now and free to all guests, all the time! Or treat yourself to a professional massage here, to a chilled soundtrack.



Sink into our cozy cinema cushions and watch a movie. We show movies and TV sports events upon request anytime!


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Beach Bum?

Pizza Nights

Live Music

Happy Hour

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Car Pools

Aperitivo Nights

Treasure Trails

... and many more...

Awards & Reviews

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