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The perfect place…

… for Students and Digital Nomads in Greece


Enjoy your sea-view room, be productive in the co-working space, feel part of a community of student and digital nomads, and dive into an experience you’ll never forget.


STAY in Rhodes


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Work from Greece as a Digital Nomad

Have you ever dreamed of working as a digital nomad from a Greek island? Well, dream no more: STAY with us between October and April, and make that your reality.

We are the first digital nomad hub in Rhodes and we provide you with everything you need to feel at home – or even better! You will enjoy:

  • a newly renovated private bedroom with ensuite bathroom,
  • a modern, comfy and well-lit co-working space with a separate room for conference calls,
  • good wifi in all areas of the Hotel,
  • great coffee to fuel your busy days
  • a community that will make your stay even more memorable.

And the island – with its amazing beaches, lively atmosphere, millennial history and delicious food – will do the rest.

Want to channel your energy into innovation and collaborations? Need a calm and relaxing break once in a while? STAY offers you all this, and more:

a positive space for you to be productive and live the longed-for digital nomad life in Greece.

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STAY in Rhodes as a Digital Nomad or Student

From the very beginning, we have always done our best to welcome travellers of all kinds to our Hotel and island in the same exact way we would like to be welcomed. This extends to university students and digital nomads too, because we know how important it is to study and work from an inspiring place you can call home, equipped with all of the services you might need to improve your productivity and your overall life quality.

Our accommodation for students and remote workers in Rhodes reflects this and offers facilities, activities, space, privacy and social occasions to suit your needs and desires. A quiet and stylish room with sea view and a balcony, room cleaning, comfy beds to rest after a day of work, friendly staff ready to help you, free wifi and common spaces where to work and chill: this is how STAY Hotel will welcome you. And this is why you’ll love it.

students digital nomads rooms

Private Hotel rooms for Digital Nomads

Our newly renovated, signature STAY Hotel rooms will allow you to recharge your batteries and work productively. Whether you are a digital nomad traveling solo, with a partner or a friend, we have a convenient room for you. All of them have private bathrooms and balconies where you can enjoy the sea breeze and in the sea view rooms breathtaking sunsets over the water. You can work from the office corner of your room, in case you don't want to use the free co-working space or breakout room. In every room, free wifi, comfortable beds, weekly room cleaning, plenty of hanging space, a mini-fridge and a kettle come as standard.
students digital nomads rooms

Shared Hostel rooms for Students

The hostel has a variety of rooms in a modern, welcoming design. All of them have big windows and most of them have balconies, meaning you can fully enjoy the Aegean light and air. Daily cleaning, comfortable beds, large lockers, lots of hanging space and free WiFi in every room provide an ideal space to rest before your classes or exams.
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Shared Spaces to make the most of your STAY

Whether you feel like working, studying or taking a break, STAY has the right spot for you. We know that the life of students and digital nomads, in Greece and equally new destinations, can feel a bit lonely sometimes. That’s why we want to encourage your social life – at your own pace, though! So make yourself at home while you sip a coffee or a glass of wine at our bar, prepare your food in the Hostel’s shared kitchen, socialize in the lounge area, work out in our gym or just watch a movie in our cinema.

From the moment you enter STAY Hotel, you’ll experience the warm welcome of our shared spaces. Everything here is designed with you in mind: you will thank yourself for your choice to stay in Rhodes with us!

stay hostel co working space ideal place to work online in rhodes

Co-working & community

Specially designed with the independent, flexible professional in mind, the co-working space is on the first floor of STAY Hotel. The area is open plan, naturally well-lit thanks to the wide glass wall, and equipped with plug sockets at every desk as well as good wifi throughout. You will also have access to a breakout room for privacy during conference calls and online meetings.

Our community events are the cherry on top of a cake that will make you thrive and live an exciting experience as a digital nomad in Greece.

Students Digital nomads and students shared kitchen

Shared Kitchen

You can store your food in the mini-fridge in your private room, or in the shared kitchen located at the Hostel (just a few minutes’ walk from the Hotel). In this fully-equipped facility you can spend time cooking your favorite dishes and then taste your meal on the terrace – which is right in front of the kitchen – alone or with other digital nomads and university students. Do you prefer to have a quick bite in your room at the Hotel? No problem: grab your food to go and warm it up in the shared microwave on the floor.

Lobby students digital nomads

Lounge & Lobby

We know that the life of a digital nomad can be hectic sometimes! That’s why we designed this space, located on the ground floor of STAY Hotel, especially for unwinding. Whether you want to spend your time in good company or chill out alone, feel free to do that in the lounge. You can watch a film or a sports event on the big screen, curl up on the sofa with a good book, or sit at the wooden table in the lobby diving into a session of journaling or planning your next adventure in Rhodes, Greece or on the other side of the world.

beautiful common space cinema in stay hostel rhodes

Cinema & Gym

STAY Hostel offers two facilities that we’re sure both students and digital nomads will love.
Want to have a movie or sports night? Sink into our cozy cinema cushions to watch a film with your new friends. We show movies and TV sports events upon request anytime!

And what about keeping in shape while traveling? Here, it’s never been easier to STAY fit! Our very own gym is right there for you, free to all guests at all times. If you prefer, you can chill and treat yourself to a professional massage there.

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The Power of Community

We are aware that, as beautiful as our country is, there aren’t many digital nomads in Greece (yet!). Here at STAY you won’t have to worry about that, though.

We know how important it is to be surrounded by a community of like-minded people, to share quality time with them and to create meaningful connections that go beyond the surface.

And we support that, through our activities and events.

Here are some examples of what you will be able to experience while studying or working from Greece and STAYing with us:

  • welcome drink and heads-up upon arrival*
  • weekly community dinner
  • yoga classes
  • focus days at the co-working*
  • movie nights*
  • live music evenings*

Aren’t you excited already?! We surely are!

[The activities marked with an asterisk are included in the price of the accommodation.]


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Our rates for Students and Digital Nomads in Greece

Traveling the world – especially Europe – as a digital nomad or an Erasmus student can be expensive, but that’s not the case at STAY. We believe in providing hospitality and services based on mutual respect, not on huge budgets. This is the reason why we prefer to keep our rates affordable to all those who want to study and work from Greece – and Rhodes to be specific, of course. And the more you STAY, the less you spend!

Our offer for digital nomads

The rates for medium and long stays for digital nomads – available from mid October until April – are the following:

  • 500 € for 1 month (30 nights) in a single room with balcony (590 € for a sea view room)
  • 1.600 € for 3 months (90 nights)

All above stays are bookable online here on our website. As the rates are calculated daily the prices differ a bit according to how many days each month has. In case you find big differences according to your days of stay just drop us a line by email and we will adjust the prices to the above.

This offer includes:

  • private room with ensuite bathroom, desk, mini-fridge and kettle
  • balcony with sea view (sunset side)
  • weekly room cleaning
  • free use of the co-working space
  • usage of the Hostel kitchen and shared microwave on the floor
  • use of shared spaces of the Hotel and Hostel
  • some community events (those marked with * in the previous list)
  • easygoing international staff ready to help whenever needed

The rate does not include: breakfast and some activities that will be paid separately.

Our offer for students

The rates for university students are only valid for a 6-months stay, and they change based on the type of room:

  • 260 € per month for a bigger Hostel room
  • 240 € per month for a smaller Hostel room

This offer includes:

  • private room with ensuite or shared bathroom, desk, mini-fridge and kettle
  • balcony
  • monthly room cleaning
  • use of shared spaces of the Hotel and Hostel

The rate does not include: electricity bill, breakfast, some activities that will be paid separately.


Whether you are a digital nomad or a student, if you want to receive more information or to book your stay all you have to do is send an email to we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.


STAY on top

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STAY in Rhodes as a Student or Digital Nomad: here’s why!

What do university students and digital nomads look for, in Greece or any other destination? Well, Rhodes has all of it! All of what, you ask?

  • It’s a lively city, not too big but not too small, that has a lot to offer all year round and allows a very good life quality especially off-season.
  • It’s on a Greek island, with all of its perks – from the amazing beaches to the delicious food.
  • The weather is nice and never gets too cold… and you may end up celebrating Christmas with a swim in the sea!
  • STAY Hotel is located a few minutes’ walk from two beaches, one on the East and one on the West side – which means that sunrises and sunsets on the water are right there for you to enjoy.
  • Rhodes’ Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, together with the touristic port, it’s a short walk from the Hotel. Plenty of beauty and history at your fingertips!
  • Both the Hotel and Hostel are immersed in the heart of New Town, with its nice bars, great restaurants and a variety of shops.
  • If you’re a lover of culture, there’s a lot you can see all around the island of Rhodes. Same if you love nature, hikes and beach life – including water sports such as wind and kite surf or sailing.
  • You can taste mouthwatering food for very affordable prices, and we can assure you that you’ll fall in love with Greek cuisine.
  • The island is very well connected with Europe, with flights and boats. And the public transport in the city makes it easy to reach basically every part of the island.
  • If you prefer to move around independently, the off-season prices for car and scooter rentals are very affordable.

See, we told you that being a digital nomad in Rhodes will be an incredible adventure!

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Explore the Surroundings

  • Beach (sunset side): 150 m
  • Beach (sunrise side): 200 m
  • Airport: 14 km
  • Central bus station: 1 km
  • Old Town: 1,2 km
  • Restaurants: 50 m
  • Groceries: 190 m


So: when is your adventure as a student or digital nomad in Greece going to start?
We can’t wait to meet you!

Book your STAY
by sending an email to

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