STAY Hostel  Apartments Lounge is offering a range of activities and services to make sure you are getting the most out of your travel. Whether it is about experiencing Greece, making new friends, finding a new hobby or just having a relaxing STAY, you will find it all.


Beach Bum?

Use our STAY Rhodes beach finder maps to locate the best beaches for lounging, partying, chilling, or swimming. We will help you find exactly the beach you are looking for. 

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Happy Hour

Meet friends old and new in our STAY Bar and enjoy our famous cocktails or a variety of other drinks for reduced prices.

Pizza Nights

Want to eat in and meet up? Join us on a Pizza night. Meet old and new friends for a relaxed, social night. See you there! 

Eat in.jpg
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Discover Rhodes

Live Music

Get ready for some great live music events in our bar during your STAY.

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Car Pools

So, want to STAY on the move? Want to hit the road to see this amazing island your way? Want to rent a car, keep costs down and share the fun? Great idea! Here, at STAY, we can help you carpool - to share your expenses and your experience! Just ask a member of the STAY Crew! (karaoke optional)

Aperitivo Nights

Want to eat in and meet up? Join us on an Aperitivo Night at our bar. Meet old and new friends for a relaxed, social night with food on us! See you there! 

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Bar Crawls

Want to continue your night after our STAY bar closes at 00:00? Loin us on a bar crawl to the best bars and clubs on Rhodes - all within walking distance. 

Sailing Tours

Discover Rhodes on one of our STAY exclusive Sailing Tours. Go sailing for a day with lots of swimming stops an

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Running Tours

We have some great routes for you to try right on its doorstep - along the coast, around the Old Town and up to the Ancient Stadium. You can go on them alone, with the help of one of our STAY Rhodes running maps, or you can join one of our fit STAY crew for a run (Rumour has it Davide loves running. Why not find out?). It's fun and it's free!

Treasure Trail

We have a fun way for you to discover Rhodes town (old and new) and hang with friends (old and new). Join a team on the STAY Treasure Trail. All your team have to do is take photos of the clues you find. Everyone's a winner, with an ice-cold drink waiting for you at the end. There's also a special prize for the first team to reach STAY Lounge.

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