Dennis - was born and raised in the city of Eindhoven (Netherlands), currently he is studying at the University of Humanistics. This 28-year old guy was looking for a place to practice his Greek language and to meet new people. This being a place where he can do both seemed like the perfect fit. He loves (music) festivals, drawing, sports, fantasy films and of course the amazing Greek weather!! 

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This is us...

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Anna - is a 28 years old Greek who loves travelling and studying. She has been working in the field of tourism for the past 3 years in Greece, Sweden and England. She loves discovering new places, cultures and making new friends from all over the world. When not working, Anna likes studying or taking long walks by the sea listening to music.  She likes reading science-horror- fiction books, which is why her friends call her Celestia.

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Joel - is 24 and from England, and has also lived in Canada and Finland. He loves hiking and the wilderness, and is always ready to grab his camera and go out exploring. When not working in tourism Joel makes cakes and pastries for a living. His other hobbies include football, ice hockey, hunting for new music and talking rubbish. 

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Mariano - is a 37 year old Argentine guy who has been living in Europe for more than a decade now. He is an ex- pro football player and Riquelme, Maradona, Messi and Valentino Rossi fan! 

Wherever he goes you´ll see him with his “Mate” (Argentine Tea) which you are more than welcome to try it!

He loves working in hostels because gives him the chance to meet new people, share experiences & make new friends!!!

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Davide - His journey started in Italy. Since then, he's slept in more than 50 hostels and worked in 5, in the coldest countries of Europe. Now the 34-year old is ready for some warm sunshine and deserved long summers in Rhodes. His interests are travelling, meeting new people, reading, jogging, good food, good music, football and beeeeeeeeeeeer…

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Mira – a 33-year old Albanian, Mira started life in Greece 5 years ago. Her interests complement her tame and attentive nature: relaxing to classical music, catching up with friends over good coffee, spending quality time with her 3-year old son, and lounging around her own home. But never invite Mira to do gymnastics with you - she absolutely hates it…


Beth - 24 years old and from Ireland, has also lived and taught English in Spain, Italy and Canada. She loves to travel and explore new places, meeting lots of new people (and dogs) on the way! While speaking the year living in Italy Beth attempted to learn Italian and will be eager to practice with any patient Italians that cross her path. Her hobbies include jogging, reading, drinking lots of tea and screaming at the TV while the rugby is on. 

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Mimosa – a 36-year old Albanian, has lived in Rhodes for 7 years now and says she will never leave again. She just loves living on Rhodes. Mimosa has a lovely family with 2 teenagers and they love finding the time for a swim or an excursion in nature. Besides that she loves to play any kind of, volleyball, basketball...she loves them all.

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Andrej – is 19 years old from Lithuania and has lived in Greece since 5 years old. While studying tourism in Rhodes, he spends his free time doing sports, watching action movies, playing video games and going for a swim with his friends, even in the winter. Although he can cook pretty well, he prefers to eat from the local cuisine also known as

fast food...

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Gesine - is originally from Germany but has lived in different countries all over the world since she was a child. Now 48 years old, having worked in many countries and different fields of tourism, she is enjoying hostel life again.


Notis - 59 years old and from Greece, has recently returned to Rhodes, his home town, after 25 years of experience in all sorts of places and circumstances. Having worked in tourism since his youth, he is enjoying hosteling now.

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