About us...

This journey began for us when we thought about how we would like to welcome travellers to our island, this amazing location, and the way that we would like to be welcomed when we travel ourselves. 


We've experienced lots of different types of accommodation, all with their ups and downs, so we asked ourselves questions like:


Does design have to be expensive?

Can a hostel offer the same quality as a hotel, or even better?

Can I get the service of a hotel, when I want to live in an apartment?

Do I have to pay extra for extras I don't need?

Do I have to pay lots of money to be treated like a king, when I want to be treated as a friend?


And so we started out with a blank page, defining the STAY philosophy from the beginning. We always thought outside the box and never accepted the answer “because this is how it has always been done”. We continued to ask ourselves - What would we like? What would make us happy? What would amaze us?


So, here we are with STAY Rhodes Hostel!


A place where you can choose the level of space, privacy, activities and facilities to suit your every day needs and where service and hospitality are not defined by the amount of money you spend, but by mutual respect.


With all our efforts and love, a lot of smiles and a few tears, we are very proud of our results. And most of all, we are looking forward to welcoming you.

STAY Hostel Rhodes